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Sophos PureMessage Enterprise Edition

Protecting your email servers and gateways against spam and viruses

Sophos PureMessage is a comprehensive, flexible email management solution which enables your company to take greater control of its email traffic by protecting against spam and viruses in multiple language mail streams.

PureMessage is available as an Enterprise product as well as a small business solution with LK|28:15|Small Business Suite

PureMessage is available for Unix and Windows/Exchange platforms. Each provides a powerful combination of features. In addition, PureMessage for Unix can also help to enforce your corporate email policy.


Powerful anti-virus protection

Award-winning Sophos anti-virus technology scans all mail at the gateway to protect the entire organisation from email-borne viruses, Trojans and worms

Leading anti-spam protection

PureMessage's industry-leading anti-spam technology safely identifies up to 98% of spam, resulting in inboxes free of unsolicited bulk emails. Flexible configuration options allow businesses to define their spam identification and handling policies uniquely (e.g. delete, quarantine, tag and pass).

Threat reduction

By blocking specific file types, subject lines, executables and mass-mailing emails, threat reduction technology protects against new, unknown worms.

Central administration

A graphical administrative interface provides flexible control over mail filtering.

End-user control

End users can review their personal spam quarantine.

Automatic updates

Anti-virus and anti-spam updates are automatically delivered and seamlessly deployed as new threats arise.

Administrative features

Sophos PureMessage can be administered through the PureMessage Manager, an easy-to-use graphical console providing an integrated interface for managing configuration information, accessing the quarantine, and reporting on activity.

Automated quarantine manager

Administrators can use this to search and review spam or virus-laden messages, and take further action, including approving for delivery or deleting.


PureMessage reporting provides measurable feedback on message-filtering activity. Reports monitor filter activity through visual data for the message stream and quarantine contents.

Additional features in PureMessage for Unix

Powerful policy builder

The PureMessage Policy Manager in PureMessage for Unix features a flexible web-based interface for managing and testing the overall PureMessage filtering policy, including specifying the behaviour, and order of rules and actions applied to messages.

Centralised server management

Administration is centralised for Unix users by synchronising servers, consolidating reporting, and enabling multiple servers to share a single configuration in multiple-server environments.

Platforms supported

* Linux on x86 (Red Hat 6.2 through 9.x; Enterprise Server 2.1, 3.0; SUSE

* Linux Enterprise Server 8, SUSE Linux 8.0, SUSE Linux 9.0 Professional)

* Sun Solaris on Sparc (2.6 or higher)

* HP-UX on PA_RISC1.1 (11.0 or higher)

* FreeBSD on x86 (4.5 to 4.8)

* AIX on RISC (4.3.3 or higher)

* Windows 2000 Server/Professional, SP3 or later

* Windows 2003 Server (no service pack)

* Windows XP Professional, SP1

* Exchange 2000, SP3 or later

* Exchange 2003 (no service pack)

* Microsoft IIS

Why choose Sophos?

  • Award Winning
  • Cross Platform
  • Automatic Updates
  • Centralised Management
  • 24/7 Support
  • 24/7 SophosLabs

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